21 places to see and essential visits on your trip to Galicia

Pancha Island lighthouse in Ribadeo in Galicia

A few summers ago we had the opportunity to return toGalicia After many years without visiting it, error that we have corrected in recent times with new visits.

In said holiday trip through Galicia, besides having the priceless plus From a splendid time, we returned to certain places that I had visited long ago.

This allowed us to know much better these places that we almost had forgotten in our memory, which we could know more thoroughly.

Hórreo in Combarro in the Rías Bajas de Galicia

But above all we discovered several other interesting places where we had not yet been.

Saying trip to Galicia reaffirmed the enormous tourist attraction of this area of Spain, with its greens and very beautiful landscapes and their historic towns and corners where houses and stone monuments prevail.

In addition, we could verify that you can still eat very well and cheap in Galicia.

Route along the coast of Galicia

For ten days we made a route along the Galician coast and some interior areas, visiting the essential places, because we were accompanied by friends who had not yet traveled to that region.

Thus, starting the route in Tui and the Monte Santa Tecla, we traveled the Low Rias, passing, among other places, by Vigo, Combarro, Lanzada beach, Santiago de Compostela, the Costa da Morte,arriving to A Coruña.

Finally we also visitedRibadeo and its surroundings.

On that trip we also had the opportunity to attend some interesting events and popular parties, such as the concentration of large tall ship sailboats in A Coruña, or the medieval market in Mondoñedo.

Best places to see in Galicia

If you still do not know this region, and to help you plan your own route, then we will recommend21 essential visits for a trip to Galicia.

The basis of this recommendation is the aforementioned summer trip, but later we have added new places that we have visited in more recent trips to Galicia.

Hermitage on Monte Santa Tecla in Galicia

Tui Old Town

In front of Portugal, on the other side of the Miño river, you have Tui, a town that throughout history was one of the seven capitals of the Kingdom of Galicia

Well worth a walk through its narrow streets inside the old walled enclosure, with its stone houses, as well as visiting its Cathedral mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles.

Monte Santa Tecla

Visit southern Galicia and not go up to Santa Tecla mount is to leave the trip lame.

From the top of this mountain you will have spectacular panoramic views of the mouth of the river Miño, right on the border of Portugal.

But in this mountain you can also see interesting places such as Celtic castro wave hermitage.

Fortification in the national hostel of Bayonne in Galicia

Bayonne Hostel

He Bayonne Hostel It is much more than a hotel establishment.

It is a fortified enclosure that contains very interesting corners, with excellent panoramic views of the entire coast.

I advise you to at least visit it for a coffee on its pleasant terrace after having walked through its wall.

Panoramic view of the Cíes Islands from Vigo

Cíes Islands in Vigo

It is a natural paradise located at the exit of the Vigo estuary, which you will arrive on a fast boat and where you will enjoy beaches and landscapes.

TheCies Island I visited them years ago, and on the recent trip I could not do it again, because being in the middle of August, I did not have the precaution of buying the ticket beforehand.

I did not know that there is a daily limit of 2,200 visitors, and for this reason there were no places until days later.

Therefore, I advise you to do the essential before your triponline purchase of tickets for the Cíes Islands, also as early as possible if you are going to visit them on weekends, summer or on dates of great tourist influx.

Pazo Quiñones de León in Vigo in Galicia

Pazo Quiñones de León in Vigo

Until we reach the Pazo Quinones I didn't know that in the city of Vigo You can visit this excellent sample of a historic mansion in Galicia.

He Pazo Quiñones de León It is currently one of the headquarters of the Museum of the City, and in your visit you will visit an exhibition of artistic works, and you will stroll through its pleasant garden, which combines French and English styles.

Viewpoint of the Castro park in Vigo

Viewpoint of the Castro park in Vigo

The best panoramic views of Vigo and you laugh at them from the viewpoint of Castro park.

It is an old fortification located at the top of the Monte del Castro, which rises above the old town.

Hórreos and cruises in Combarro

If you are looking for a typical town of Galicia in which it seems that time has not passed, no doubt that is Combarro, which you find very close to Pontevedra.

Corner of Combarro in Galicia

The succession of granaries and cruises historical, as well as its stone houses, are the best exponent of the traditional architecture of Galicia.

The walk through the stars streets of Combarro It will be one of the most rewarding moments of the trip, where you will discover beautiful landscape corners on the banks of the estuary.

Lanzada Beach

In Galicia there are excellent beaches, but one of the most popular is the Lanzada beach, close to O Grove.

Above all it is a natural paradise where the environment has been protected very well, and which I visited ... on a foggy day.

Ferfiñans Square in Cambados in Galicia

Square monumental of Fefiñans in Cambados

After the awesome Obradoiro Square Santiago, if there is a monumental square to highlight in Galicia, this is the Fefiñans square in Cambados.

From the 17th century, it is one of the most beautiful corners of that region.

Holy door in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela

What to say about Santiago de Compostela!

Awesome monumental villa, loaded with history, with a great tourist atmosphere in summer, and university in winter.

You cannot say that you know Galicia if you have walked us through this city and visited its Cathedral, where the remains of the Apostle Santiago.

Finisterre lighthouse in Galicia

Finisterre Lighthouse

More than for its landscapes, the Finisterre Lighthouse You have to visit it for its iconic value.

I remind you that this enclave was considered the End of the earth... and is the last stage of the extension of the Santiago's road.

Do not stop entering the interesting parish church of Santa María de las Arenas, which you will find at the exit of the town of Finisterre, on the right as you go towards the lighthouse.

Lighthouse of Cabo Vilán on the Costa da Morte of Galicia

Cliffs and Lighthouse of Cabo Vilán

It was one of the great surprises of the trip.

If you are looking for a lighthouse with a spectacular location, that's him Cape Vilán Lighthouse, with some cliffs that make up a place of great beauty, and where «it feels»Why the area is known as Costa da Morte.

Estuary of the Anllóns in Costa da Morte in Galicia

Cabo Roncudo and the Anllóns estuary

In the Costa da Morte you have the beautiful natural site of the Anllons estuary, with dune landscapes.

To know it, you can go through the hiking trail Caminos do Mar what part of Ponteceso, hometown of the Galician poet Eduardo Pondal, to get to Corme.

There you can visit theMuseum of Contemporary Art of Costa da Morte, already near the Cabo Roncudo, rugged area with the reputation of raising the best barnacles of Galicia.

Fishing port of Malpica on the Costa da Morte in Galicia

Malpica fishing port

He has always been passionate about fishing ports from northern Spain, and during the trip through Galicia I was looking for a port where fishing boats have not been totally replaced by pleasure boats.

And I found it in the town of Malpica, very close to A Coruña, which he had known for many years, and whose port still maintains part of its coastal fishing fleet.

In addition, the curious succession of houses that descend the hill gives Malpica A special attraction.

Tower of Hercules in A Coruña in Galicia

Tower of Hercules in A Coruña

World Heritage, the Tower of Hercules It takes you to a time of myths and legends.

This outstanding enclave of A Coruña I could meet him through the theatrical guided tour which can serve as an aperitif to the visit of this lighthouse, whose origins date back to Roman times.

After a recent reform, you can now visit and climb the Tower of Hercules,

Of course, I warn you that on festive and holiday dates it is common for long lines to be formed as a result of the demanding limitations of simultaneous visitors (30 people).

Port of A Coruña in Galicia

Port and galleries of A Coruña

It is the typical postcard of the city of A CoruñaSurely you've seen her.

The port, and in the background, the famous Galleries of A Coruñain the zone of The marine, a succession of houses with facades covered with galleries with windows with white wood.

And from there, you have on hand to walk the network of narrow streets with great atmosphere that surround the Maria Pita Square and the Old City.

Puerta del Dique in the historic Ferrol shipyards in Galicia

Historic Military Arsenal of Ferrol

Outside the most traditional routes through Galicia, I recently had the opportunity to discover the attractions of Ferrol.

This was the most populous city in the region during its boom after the construction of its large arsenal and shipyard, now tries to erase its image of industrial city without tourist attraction.

Now you have the possibility of visit the historic Military arsenal and shipyards whose origins date back to the 18th century.

You can also make an interesting Modernism Route for him Magdalena neighborhood, which will call your attention for its rationalist design, or the curious Las Meninas Route.

Cathedral Square in the Medieval Market of Mondoñedo in Galicia

Mondoñedo Old Town

Another of the old capitals Kingdom of Galicia You can visit it very close to Ribadeo, in the province of Lugo.

Mondoñedo shows you various monuments and a traditional architecture, being its most prominent corner the beautiful Cathedral Square.

If you go in August you can live the atmosphere of Mondoñedo Medieval Market.

Beach of the Cathedrals in Ribadeo

It is currently one of the most famous Galicia beaches, but I will tell you that, in reality, it's not a beach.

I explain myself, known as Beach of the Cathedrals It is a sand that only at low tide opens at the foot of some cliffs and can be visited.

At that time it is full of walkers who are discovering the spectacular landscape combination of cliffs, sand and sea.

And it is so popular, that now in the summer months and at the time ofEaster week visitor access is limited and it is necessary to make a free online reservation to visit.

Pancha Island lighthouse in Ribadeo in Galicia

Pancha Island lighthouse in Ribadeo

I wasn't on my initial route, but the lighthouse of Ribadeo, which I visited after the recommendation of a local, is a really lovely corner.

This beautiful coastal corner you find at the end of the viewpoint promenade, from the port of the town and bordering with Asturias.

Other essential visits for an upcoming trip to Galicia

Yes, I know, there are many other places that are also essential to visit.

In fact, some had them on the initial route, but finally I did not have the opportunity to visit them.

Caaveiro Monastery near Ferrol in Galicia

That is the case, for example, of the Corrubedo Dunes, in Ribeira; he Castro of Baroña; the old town of Betanzos; he Bar Estaca Lighthouse; or the walled city of Lugo

Or also the cities of Pontevedra, with its interesting historical center, or Lugo, with its walls.

And also San Andres de Teixido, place of pilgrimage from the Iron Age with the military culture, and that according to me has qualified Maria Jesus Messiah in the Guides page Travel on Facebook, the legend says that «vai de morto quen non foi de vivo«, That is, it is essential to visit it.

I have all these places listed for an upcoming trip

But it doesn't matter: going to visit them is a good excuse to plan a new trip to Galicia.

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